Seattle is fortunate to have a number of excellent bondage instructors.

In keeping with our curation policy, this list contains everyone who is currently teaching in Seattle except for people we consider ethically unqualified to teach. If an instructor isn’t listed here, we recommend you be very careful about taking classes from them or playing with them.

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⭐️ KEMS This instructor complies with the Kink Education Minimum Standards.

Online content This instructor has free educational content on their website.

Private lessons This instructor is available for private lessons.


Full Circle Kink

⭐️ KEMSOnline content

With about a dozen instructors, Full Circle Kink is Seattle’s largest kink teaching organization. FCK is known for highly polished classes and world-class handouts, with classes that span the range from an introductory bondage series to detailed technical dives on topics like technical rigging and defamation law. Disclaimer: Full Circle Kink and Rope in Seattle share ownership.


Online contentPrivate lessons

Since 2015, KinkRx has been teaching high quality BDSM public classes and private lessons in Seattle. They cover beginner to advanced skills of shibari, dominance and submission, rough sex and body play, impact play, needle play, as well as the skills for creating rewarding play experiences. They are known for deep technical knowledge, premium curriculum development, and strong teaching skills. They also have extensive experience in working with people who are looking to use BDSM as a way to enrich their relationships and cultivate strong connections with their partners.

Magpie Kink

⭐️ KEMSOnline contentPrivate lessons

Magpie Kink consists of Mz_Magpie and friends. They teach classes on rope bondage, sex toys, polyamory, and more.

Shibari Nightfall


Shibari Nightfall is the brain child of Lancifolium and TheRawKitty. Founded in 2022 by their passion for rope, consent, and community building, SN is known for running bondage parties, classes, and sponsoring out of town instructors.


Alice Sky


Alice Sky (she/her) is a Seattle-based rope enthusiast, educator, and model. She started her rope journey in 2016 as a bottom, but has begun topping over the past few years. Alice loves rope bondage for its combination of connection, athleticism, intensity and aesthetics. She has performed at the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival and teaches with Full Circle Kink and privately. She holds a Master’s in Teaching degree, and is passionate about applying her expertise to improving kink education. You can find her on Fetlife @1timeatbandcamp and Instagram

Blaming Lilith


Blaming Lilith (she/her) has been tying since 2016 and discovered her love for suspension in 2018. She ties as a creative outlet and a way to socialize with some of her favorite people. She co-hosted the Witchy Rope Enthusiast Group (WREG) in Seattle for four years and occasionally teaches formal classes. She is an advocate for empowering tops of marginalized identities and believes rope education should be accessible.

Daniel McGlothlen

Daniel McGlothlen is the queer/gender queer proprietor of (NSFW), a kinky, queer porn site that’s been around for a couple of decades. They are a kink performer, educator and enthusiast. They have been facilitating Pan Eros Foundation’s Hypnokink Enthusiasts Group (HEG) for about a year and Men Tying Men for about 3 years. They have taught workshops for Pan Eros Foundation, Seattle Leather Service Corps, Dog House Leather, Seattle Men in Leather, Can You Knot (in Los Angeles), and PNW Leathermen's Campout (in Portland). Daniel is also pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with an emphasis on Sexuality and Gender Studies. Daniel lives in Tacoma with their husband Craig.



Drea (she/her, @subtly_mean) is a switch that has been doing rope since 2017. She’s been volunteering as a DM at Subspace since moving to Seattle in 2022 and currently co-hosts the RBU:Munch with Stella.


⭐️ KEMSPrivate lessons

J (they/ he), also known as TheRawKitty, is a switch who got their start in kink as a bottom back in 2014. They entered the bottom-to-switch pipeline in 2017 and have been obsessed with tying ever since. J is passionate about performing, educating, and bringing beginner-friendly events to the greater Seattle area.



Kasm is a queer, kinky switch and self-tier based out of Seattle, who started in rope in 2017. They have been a rope instructor since 2018 and have presented at conventions such as Kinkfest and RopeCraft. In the classroom they prioritize personalized instruction and building an environment that is safe to flail in. In their personal practice they enjoy physical and emotional movement, playful exploration, meditative endurance, and auto-masochism.


⭐️ KEMSOnline contentPrivate lessons

Mz_Magpie is a versatile switch who has been an active part of the community since 2010. She teaches classes on rope bondage, sex toys, polyamory, and more.


⭐️ KEMSPrivate lessons

Provocations (IG @Tie_Rope_Take_Photo) teaches private rope lessons to students of all skill levels, from beginning ground work to advanced suspension. He specializes in suspension safety and emergency management, predicament bondage, adapting ties to your partner, and suspension transitions. Please message on Fetlife to discuss instruction.

Shibari Shawn

⭐️ KEMSPrivate lessons

Shibari Shawn is the founder and lead instructor at the House of Knotty. He is a gay kinbaku artist and rope bondage educator living in Seattle. He is a member of the Seattle Men in Leather and the chair of the education committee for the Seattle Leather Service Corps. He is also a member of Suspended Animation and participated in Burning Man 2023.



Spontaneity brings a highly analytical and adventurous approach to self suspension, informed by years of fucking around and finding out. She is motivated to teach others so they too can fuck around and find out.



Stella (she/her, @blushofalush) is a rope bottom who’s been getting tied up since 2015, volunteering as a Subspace Dungeon Monitor since 2019, and running the RBU:Munch in North Seattle since June 2021 with co-host subtly_mean. She has lots of opinions on tying and being tied.

Valley Roses

⭐️ KEMSPrivate lessons

Valley Roses Teaches with Full Circle Kink as well as on their own.

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