In keeping with our curation policy, this list contains all the Seattle-area venues that are currently hosting rope-focused events, except for those we consider ethically unqualified.

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Guide to tags

Vetted instructors We believe this venue does a good job of vetting all their instructors for consent and safety.

Suspension This venue has structures that are frequently used for suspension. Reminder: not everything that is used for suspension is safe for suspension.

Outdoors This is an outdoor venue that is mostly active during the summer.

Kink venues

Arborea Falls

Arborea Falls is a welcoming, magical retreat suitable for small concerts, private events, themed weddings, weekend getaways, and photoshoots.

Gallery Erato

Vetted instructorsSuspension

Pioneer Square
Run by the Pan Eros Foundation, Gallery Erato is a large and attractive space in Pioneer Square. They run an extensive educational program and have a long history of leadership in the Seattle kink scene.



SubSpace hosts bondage and other kink events.

Other venues

Denny Blaine Park

The nude beach at Denny Blaine Park is a popular destination for outdoor bondage during the summer.

Om Culture


A beautiful venue in Wallingford, with a high domed ceiling and plenty of room.

Retreat Cafe

This isn’t a kink venue, but they graciously host discussion groups.

Bondage Venues

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