There’s a lot of good rope bondage in Seattle. Here’s a quick guide to some of the key players.


Seattle has some fantastic rope instructors, who I’m thrilled to promote here. To the best of my knowledge, this is a comprehensive list of all local rope instructors who I consider to be ethical. If an instructor isn’t listed here, I recommend you be very careful about taking classes from them or playing with them.

If you’re a bottom, the Rope Bottoms Share Group is an excellent resource for vetting instructors as well as tops.

Full Circle Kink

With about a dozen instructors, Full Circle Kink is Seattle’s largest kink teaching organization. We’re known for highly polished classes and world-class handouts. Our classes span the range from an introductory bondage series to detailed technical dives on topics like technical rigging and defamation law. Disclaimer: I teach with Full Circle.


KinkRx teaches some of the best kink classes in Seattle. They’ve been on a long hiatus but have begun teaching private classes again and I look forward to them starting public classes in the near future.

Mz Magpie

Mz Magpie teaches classes on rope bondage, sex toys, polyamory, and more. She and her partner also run a monthly BIPOC rope group.


Provocations is one of Seattle’s most capable riggers. He teaches with Full Circle and has recently begun teaching private lessons. If enough people ask, perhaps he’ll start teaching public classes as well.

Shibari Shawn

Shibari Shawn teaches extensively in the men’s community and also offers classes through the Pan Eros Foundation. He’s an outstanding instructor who brings a refreshing focus on fun and connective bondage. Although he’s new in town, he’s done a great job of building community here.

Venues and organizations

Center for Sex-Positive Culture

The CSPC has a venerable history in Seattle and hosts a range of parties and other events. They currently aren’t doing many rope events, but I look forward to them adding more events in future.

Gallery Erato

Run by the Pan Eros Foundation, Gallery Erato is a large and attractive space in Pioneer Square. They run an extensive educational program and have a long history of leadership in the Seattle kink scene.


SubSpace is the most active kink space in Seattle right now. They have multiple monthly rope jams and parties, as well as in-house instructors who provide low-key instruction before many events.

Online Groups

If you’re not on FetLife, you probably should be. It’s far from perfect, but it’s the single best place to connect with other bondage enthusiasts.

Pan Eros Events on FetLife

Pan Eros has an excellent educational program spanning a wide range of kink and sexuality topics.

Rope Bottoms Share Group

If you’re a rope bottom, RBSG is a fantastic resource for sharing tips and vetting potential rope tops.

Seattle Rope Shenanigans on FetLife

Seattle Rope Shenanigans is the biggest and best of the Seattle FetLife groups, and the best way to stay in touch with what’s going on locally.

Seattle Workshops on FetLife

Seattle Workshops is a good source of information about all types of kink classes.

SubSpace on FetLife

SubSpace is the easiest way to keep track of what’s going on at SubSpace.

Online Education

There’s no substitute for in-person education, but these online resources can be an excellent supplement to your learning.

Full Circle Kink

As well as our in-person classes, Full Circle has a large and growing library of free, high-quality educational content and instructor resources. Disclaimer: I teach with Full Circle.

Shibari Study

Shibari Study is a fantastic resource, with a huge amount of professionally shot video content. It’s not cheap, but it’s an excellent value.

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